Feedback culture helps boost innovation and creativity and keeps organizations ahead of competition. It maintains motivation among people. Improves engagement and keeps retention rates high, leading to better results.

Most organisations do not have a process for providing peer feedback and motivation. Feedback is not considered a priority and is always linked to performance measurement.

Tops and Tips is an App which focuses on digitizing feedback, personal communication and collaboration, in order to build trust within teams and in direct relation to how they are working. Tops and Tips boosts your organisational engagement in vertical and horizontal lines. Tailored according to your organisational needs, Tops and Tips will provide you with the unique chance to boost your feedback culture. It helps the people in your organization to build trusted working relations, enriched by the reflections and insights from others, ultimately leading to greater openness. If you are interested in leading your organisation to improve personal and team performance, this is the app for you! You cannot miss out!



Digital Feedback img
Digital Feedback

Constructive digital feedback between two people in the workplace or study place that is private but not anonymous. An easy way to provide feedback and improve communication between people.

My private reflections and learnings img
My private reflections and learnings

Private space where you can reflect on your learnings, training, performance and workplace or study place. A place where you can return to look at your past reflections and see your improvement.

Feedback culture for Enterprise img
Feedback culture for Enterprise

The enterprise package includes a training space where an employee and his/her manager can manage the employee’s training. This includes, completed training, training list and the employee’s own desired training.

Performance culture for Enterprise img
Performance culture for Enterprise

Additional features for the enterprise package include performance management- using line hierarchy and the agile way.

Line hierarchy: Where the managers are in charge of one specific line of business

Agile teams: Cross Functional teams.

A place where a manager can set goals and incentives for his/her people, manage them and review performance. It also gives flexibility to work in agile structures shifting to the performance evaluation of the project, hence supporting the idea of new work and agility.


Industry leading App here to help

Why Tops and Tips?

Tops and Tips makes it easier and less time consuming to give and receive valuable feedback. A good way to keep track of your learning processes and share them with others. This is an essential driver and enabler for agility and new work.

What makes this software unique?

Tops and Tips is a simple app that is easy to use. It allows your people to grow and learn in an intuitive and interactive way. This is best practice driven, which means that by using it your people will gain the best experience. It supports users throughout the process and helps them experience the feedback process first hand.

Who is this app for?

The app is flexible and reaches a wide range of customer needs. It can be introduced in universities, institutes and faculties to professionalize the learning process for their students. It is adaptive for companies of all sizes which seek a more agile way of managing their performance- not by line but by projects. The app is also attractive to personal trainers and coaches allowing them to maintain a closer relationship with their clients. All in all, this is an ideal product for all organisations who want to champion their employees and students in achieving new work and personal growth.

Where can I use it?

It is available on any device and can be used as an app or via a website for the phone, tablet or PC. Fast deployment integration with the existing office 365 platform out of the box. Anyone with office 365 can use it.