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Do you have and need:

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A business challenge that can be solved with digital initiative?

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To increase the speed of your digital initiatives?

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The right expertise for your digital project?

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To scale your project team with the right skills and competencies?

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Challenges and administrational burdens to hire the right talent?


We believe in

Customer proximity

We offer a wide range of agile and flexible. services for software development.


Work together with us and our developers on your digital initiative, create your own winning solution.


Code quality and intellectual property rights through German business practices.

Be the driver of your own journey

Step: 1

Contact us!

Get in touch with us. Describe your need or your goal and strategy. Together we will find the optimal engagement model

Step: 2


We will provide you with solution proposals in terms of your own team and project expertise.

Step: 3

Choose your team

From a variety of competences and skills select the ones that best match your company culture.

Step: 4

Enable your execution

Operational building of your solution. During the whole process we provide you with full transparency, quality control and out of the box thinking.

Step: 5

Celebrate success

Communication is the key! Quality and performance is what we strive for! Enjoy the journey and grow with Tops & Tips!

With us

You will have a solution to any digital challenge.
You will have the right talent.
You will safeguard continuous improvements.
You can focus on your core business and value add activities.
You will grow.

We walk the talk!

The coding language you need is not here? Challenge us, we can fulfil your need!

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