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We are a team of change oriented enthusiasts, and our journey started early 2020. The idea was born to learn and challenge the world about personal qualities and interactions, using the latest trends in digitalization. We wanted to make it possible to engage with our personal feedback app, enable change, and grow by training, coaching and learning. We saw the opportunity to digitalize the world.


We strongly believe in learning, interaction, trust, growth and team building. Engage for inspiration.


We strongly believe in agility, flexibility, innovation, availability and quality. Enable for productivity.


We strongly believe in future ready, culture driven, people centred, transformation easy and value grasp. Grow with unity.


We are an entirely diverse and online company. We walk the talk.


We started our journey during the digital age!


Through our start up process, we recognized that the world is going through (fast) change - to an online reality.

Tops and tips Marko Petrovic
Marko Petrovic

My name is Marko. I am an international student from Serbia. I have lived in Belgium, Sweden and now Germany. I am currently studying International Business, in The Netherlands. Changing locations and educations is a great experience which gave me a chance to make new contacts, explore, and adapt in new surroundings. As well as experiencing new cultures. During my education I have made my own startup to learn new things and put theory into practice.

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