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Ask yourself

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When was the last time you requested, gave and received constructive feedback?

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What is your contribution to the teams success?

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Do you want to be a part of a learning culture?

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Are you motivated and engaged?

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Do you want to be the driver of your own growth?

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We believe in

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Feedback, requesting, giving and receiving, sets the foundation for trustful collaboration and communication.

Team Building & learning

Feedback helps people understand their contribution to the team's success and individual learning path.

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Feedback is a driver to greater openness and fosters trust within teams.

Be the driver of your own journey

Step: 1

It starts from you

Request feedback from: peers, leaders, project members, fellow students, prof., teachers

Step: 2

Manage your Tops & Tips

Receive constructive “Tops & Tips” feedback and reflect them.

Step: 3

Set your personal goals

Decide on your learning objective and what actions to take

Step: 4

Strengthen your Tops & Train your Tips

Be brave and try out your new behaviour & style

Step: 5

Check up on your improvement

Close your feedback loop and review your progress with your

With us

You will engage and interact with your peers and colleagues
You will learn to give and receive constructive feedback.
You will learn about others and yourself​ and others!
You will receive an overview and be able to make a clear plan and realise personal change.
You will grow and it starts from you!
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Feedback helps people to grow, simple as it is.

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It helps to boost innovation and creativity.

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Be better equipped for the future and more
engaged in your roles.

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Get impulses for your growth

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Being future ready.

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Join us!

Build the foundation for exceptional employee experiences.

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